The therapies that I practice are specifically therapeutic.

I believe that clients want more than just relaxation when they decide to go to a therapist.

For instance Reflexology is not a foot massage, it is a therapeutic treatment designed to help the body re-balance and heal itself.

Indian Head Massage is more of a relaxation therapy and it is very helpful in the release of tension related around the back, shoulders neck and head.

My Specialisms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bowen Technique

The breaks are a very important part of the Bowen Technique treatment. It allows the body to adjust and respond to the moves that have just been made. It also aids the rebalance of the body and relieves the tension and works towards the reduction in pain.

Some of the Bowen Technique moves are light touch but they are as effective as the more manipulative moves because of the manner in which they are applied for certain specific conditions.

Every person is very individual in their response but I have had clients who have felt an improvement the minute they get off the couch. Their elbow which was previously very painful when they arrived does not have any pain following treatment.

We recommend that clients have 3 treatments one week apart for three weeks and during this time most people report an improvement in how they feel and the symptoms they have been suffering, generally after the second treatment.


Reflexology does not hurt the feet. The amount of pressure the therapist will apply will be appropriate for the client.

Reflexology is more than a foot massage, it is a therapeutic treatment. However, the feet will be massaged as part of the treatment.

That is very difficult to predict because every person is very individual in their response to treatment.

One treatment may be sufficient to start the healing process of the body.

However, regular reflexology treatments maybe once a month, will help to maintain the body in balance and will aid the ongoing feeling of well being.

No, normally I would recommend that you have 2 or 3 treatments once a week and then decide if you feel you need further treatment and at what interval you would like to come for treatment. The choices are yours.

In reflexology we believe that certain points on the feet represent various parts of the body, please see the foot chart for details.

The therapist applies pressure to certain points relating to the areas of the body that are out of balance, and by doing this can help to bring those areas back into balance and improve such conditions as Irritable Bowel syndrome, as well as aiding relaxation and stress which may play a part in the condition.

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