Stress Management

What is Stress Management?

If you feel anxious a lot of the time and you feel low on energy and have poor sleep patterns and a feeling of not being able to cope or in control of what is happening in your life a stress management session could help you to identify the stresses in your life and more importantly to help you devise coping strategies and take control back.

Stress can affect anybody at any time, and indeed everyone at some time in their lives will suffer stress.

It may be due to one event in your life or it may be an ongoing situation, possibly due to a situation that you find yourself in.

In the current economic climate many more people are suffering from stress. Whether it is the uncertainty of your employment or financial constraints, these factors can impact on your stress levels and can cause distress which can lead to illness.

How does stress make people susceptible to disease?

Mainly this is caused by a compromised Immune System. The immune system will become compromised due to the constant stimulation of the nervous system and the secretion of adrenaline in response to the stress situation. Other hormonal secretions may also be in excess and this on a longer term basis will also cause the immune system to become compromised.

How can Stress Management help me?

By identifying the major stress factors in your life, and understanding the impact that these are having on your well-being we can then devise the appropriate action plan or coping strategies for you to deal with the situation.

How long does a consultation take?

Most consultations take approximately one hour.

Will I need a long course of sessions?

No, usually 2 to 3 sessions will be sufficient for you to notice a difference in how you are dealing with the situations that cause your stress.

Follow up sessions can be used as a support mechanism for you.

What are the common causes of stress?

Many factors are involved in causing stress, but most obvious are Divorce, Death of a spouse or a close relative, the loss of your employment, overwork, family tensions, buying and selling a house and even a joyous situation such as the birth of a new child. All of these can have a major impact on your life and can give rise to increased anxiety and stress levels.

What are the signs of Stress?

Stress can affect different people in very different ways but the general signs to look out for are disturbed or broken sleep. Tiredness, a general feeling of always feeling tired, or waking up in the morning feeling tired. Sometimes this will be linked with listlessness, where you feel that everything is too much effort.

Anxiety and depression, a feeling of not being able to cope, that things appear hopeless, tearfulness.

You may not be able to change your life situation but there is much that you can do to change how you deal with it.

As a first step try our Feet First Stress Assessment Tool.

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